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hey nypirgers!!!

The second semester has commenced. This semester I am a Project Leader for Consumer Rights. Here's some of the stuff we are working on in Oswego consumer:

Book Exchange- students sell their books by filling out book exchange cards and delivering them to the NYPIRG office or doing it online without the retail markups.

Payday Lending- Payday Lending is small loans for people in a financial bind. They reqired no credit check or collateral but these cash loans hike up interest rates of 390-780%. We are working on The Campaign to End Payday Lending in New York

Wireless Project- a "Cell Phone Bill of Rights" that will enable you to keep your cellphone number even if you switch plans as well as assessing customer satisfaction with their cell phone, wireless provider and contract.

Banking & playground surveys

What projects are yall starting up again in other chapters?
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